Written by Alfredo Zucchi
Staging by the Theater group
With: Mirco Barbero (Piano), Joanna Britton (Soprano), Ferdinand Koenig (Wolfie), Kevin O’Connor (Mozart), Salvatore Scalzo (Baritone)

A wooden table, two chairs, a bottle of wine and two strange characters talking animatedly. It could be a normal and quite banal pub scene, in an unspecified time and place, if only the two guys were not calling each other Wolfgang Amadeus and the music in the background didn't remind one of Mozart's operas. That's actually Mozart, that's the Expat Mozart.

'Mozart- Tale of an Expat' is a play in arias, a reflection on the Austrian music genius from a specific perspective: Mozart as a living, breathing and intellectual expat. The quest for recognition, the never-ending journeys; scorn and misrecognition at home, glory and success elsewhere.

All of Mozart's work is of an expat nature, that is to say in constant progress, undefined, hoping to achieve a sort of unknown "beyond". In the end this "beyond" will prove lethal to the Austrian genius: he dies when he is only 36 years old, killed by tiredness and poverty.

Theatre and opera together - to shape an intriguing and revealing psychological plot on the limits and challenges of every EXPAT life experience.

The play is in ENGLISH
the arias in ITALIAN and GERMAN (blame Mozart for that...)

graphics: Chiara Perrone www.chiaraperrone.com

A production of
Hebe asbl (http://www.asbl-hebe.eu/index.html)
with the support of
Regio Tratturo (http://www.regiotratturo.com/)