During this event, Gilbert and George’s Jack Freak Pictures exhibition and Wim Delvoye’s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door exhibition, will remain open to the public between 8 and 12 pm. Inside these, audiovisual and performing arts students will give short performances inspired by the works on show. Alongside these, you can enjoy a screening of Julian Cole’s movie With Gilbert & George (2008), an intimate and moving portrait that reveals the individuals behind the living sculptures. This film will be screened in collaboration with Jeunesse et Arts Plastiques (JAP).
From 10 pm until the wee hours of the morning, BOZAR will come alive with sets by famous DJ’s such as Druzzi (The Rapture), The Glimmers, Mauro ‘tanzdebil’ Pawlowski & Sven Mes AKA Chubbee Bee, Mustang (Cosy Mozzy & Andy Faisca), Cal & Sikey (Baselab, Studio Brussel), Sylvestre Defontaine & Yves Brunson (Pure FM) as well as DJ Phonetics.

20:00 > 24:00
Gilbert & George - Jack Freak Pictures
Wim Delvoye - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

20:15 > 22:00
With Gilbert & George by Julian Cole

22:00 > 04:00
Druzzi (The Rapture)
The Glimmers
Mauro 'tanzdebil' Pawlowski & Sven Mes AKA Chubbee Bee
Mustang (Cosy Mozzy & Andy Faisca)
Sylvestre Defontaine & Yves Brunson (Pure FM)
Cal & Sikey (Baselab - Studio Brussel)

20:00 > 24:00 (in EXPO)
Pevenage & Stallaert (RITS) - lmperial Total
Though the little-known, dead planet. Earth, remotely situated in the Milky. Way Galaxy, is admittedly of little interest to us today, we have presented this quaint comedy of Galaxy pre- history, when the primitive organization of sovereign nation states still flourished, and the archaic institution of War had not yet been forbidden by Law.
Reynout Dekimpe & Maarten Van Den Bussche (RITS) - Camping
Nikolas Lestaeghe (BVBA landart)& An Vandermeulen (RITS)
Sarah van der Vlerk & Linda Lugtenborg (RITS) ) - Shotgun Wedding