19.00 - Dusi & Jenõ. Private Hungary 2 (1988, 45 min, video, English subtitles)

20.00 - The Maelstrom. A Family Chronicle (1997, 60 min, video, English subtitles)

21.30 - El Perro Negro. Stories from the Spanish Civil War (2005, 84 min, video, English subtitles)

Péter Forgács is a media artist and independent filmmaker based in Budapest. He is best known for his Private Hungary series of award winning films and installations often based on home movies from the 1920s-1980s, which document ordinary lives that were soon to be ruptured by an extraordinary historical trauma that occurs off screen.

Dusi & Jenõ
With his 8mm camera Jenõ shot a secret film diary between 1936 and 1966. He could perhaps have been the one of the best cameraman of his age, had he not worked until 1945 as the senior officer of a bank.

The Maelstrom
The Maelstrom makes extraordinary artful use of a considerable cache of home movies shot in the Netherlands before and during World War II and dealing with the extended Peereboom family. We see a Jewish family first living unknowingly in the shadow of the Holocaust and then trying to cope with it, still unaware of what it will finally mean. Followed by a Q&A with the artist.

El perro negro
El perro negro takes a clichés braking view of the Spanish Civil War trough a mesmerizing found footage collage. The saga begins in 1929 with the talented amateur filmmaker, Joan Salvans, son of a wealthy Catalan industrialist. Ernesto Noriega, another young filmmaker, picks up the story line to guide us through his adventures.