From 28 April to 8 May, for the third consecutive year, the Centre for Fine Arts hosts the Brussels Short Film Festival. A unique opportunity to undertake a world tour in images and emotions!
For this evening the focus is on Hungary, to celebrate the country's presidency of the Council of the European Union and, above all, its film-making with screenings of a highly eclectic selection of short films, chosen in collaboration with our guest Peter Forgacs. Two programmes, each lasting an hour and a half, will turn the spotlight on war, rags, guts, and onions... A little bit of everything, in other words, without any taboos!

Programme 01 : 7 pm

Before Dawn by Balint Kenyeres (13’, 2005, silent)
Before dawn, the wheat ripples tranquilly on the hillside. Before dawn, people will get up and others will take away their hopes.

Életvonal/Life Line by Tomek Ducki (6’, 2007, silent)
Two characters made of cogs dance on a metal chain.
An inventive animated film by a Hungarian director who has won a number of prizes at festivals, including the Leipzig festival.

Türelem /The Counterpart by László Nemes Jeles (14’, 2008, ST FR/EN)
With Karel Dobry, Ádám Tompa, and Csaba Krisztik
In difficult times and in an awkward place, two old friends, separated by the world, meet again.

Mama by Géza M. Tóth (10’, 2009, silent)
The story of a clothes line around the world.

Vacsora/Le dîner by Karchi Perlmann (26’, 2008, ST FR)
Vacsora is set on a little farm during the riots in 2006. When Gaspar slips and falls in the pigsty after breakfast the farm is gradually transformed into a scene from the "Theatre of the Absurd".

Maestro by Géza M. Tóth (5’, 2005, silent)
Five minutes before the big performance, the maestro is getting ready behind the curtain. Time is slowly ticking away...

Programme 02 - 9 pm

A repülés története/The History of Aviation by Bálint Kenyeres (15’, 2009)
Normandy, 1905. The picnic is over. A group of bourgeois in their Sunday best is preparing to return home. There is still one last photograph to be taken, but someone is missing.

Ariadné fonala (Ariadne's Thread) by Attila Bertóti (9’, 2009, silent)
The basic elements of the ancient Greek myth are well known: the labyrinth, the Minotaur, Theseus, Ariadne, and of course, the thread. Let the search begin!

Türelem/With a Little Patience by László Nemes Jeles (13’, 2006, ST EN)
An office worker is painstakingly getting on with her usual tasks. Outside, a man is waiting for her.

411-Z by Dániel Erdélyi (6,5’ ; 2007, silent)
With Zoltán Bezerédi, József Kelemen, Kata Gellén, and Péter Horkai.
A barge on the Danube. A fine, carefree summer's day. A stew in the cauldron, a nice little wine to wash it down with. Apart from that, everything is being done strictly by the shipping rules. Something, however, goes wrong…

Sooner or later by Istvan Madarasz (11’, 2006)
With Illés Nyitrai and Péter Albert
At the end of World War II the Nazis are experimenting with a time machine, whose technology would enable them to snatch victory from the jaws of impending defeat. However, nobody knows what will really happen if they succeed.

Ergo by Géza M. Tóth (12’, 2008, silent)
A film that evokes the interior music of our bodies, an encounter, the remoteness of childhood, the monotony of freedom, and the freedom of monotony.

Szalontüdö (Tripe and Onions) by Márton Szirmai (6,75';2006, silent)
With Zsolt Anger, Tamás Ascher, and László Káldy
A man stops at a roadside stall to eat a traditional dish. In a lapse of concentration, another man starts to eat his food. Just what is going on?