BOZAR LITERATURE has invited a number of writers to draw inspiration from a photograph by the US artist, as a literary intervention in the Cy Twombly: Photographs 1951-2010 exhibition. You can read the results in the free visitor's guide or listen to them via an audioguide.

Come and see the poets at work, live, at a literary evening held in the exhibition itself. On 24 April the writers will give a poetry reading in the exhibition and will talk about the poetry they have written about Twombly. The audience will walk through the exhibition, stopping from time to time at a particular writer and “his/her” photograph. For this special, intimate event, the Twombly exhibition will, exceptionally, remain open in the evening. After the performance the public will still have time to view the rest of the exhibition.

Click on the name of the author to hear him or her read
Bernard Dewulf (Nl), Roland Jooris (Nl), Stephane Lambert (Fr), Monika Rinck (D), Alfred Schaffer (Nl) & Antoine Wauters (Fr).

Biographies of the authors