RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique is a collective composed by teachers and researchers. Their practice is located on the edge of pedagogy and art. The ultimate goal of the collective is to share the outcome of their research. A “modest course,” triggered by the exhibition Cy Twombly. Photographs 1951 – 2010, will be presented at Bozar on the 26th of April 2012.

The adjective “modest”, points out the fact that the course is not a lecture, or a conference, in the traditional sense of the meaning. It is rather the sharing of an ongoing research done by “amateurs.” In practical terms, the members of the collective were given two months to conduct a research around the exhibition Cy Twombly. Photographs 1951 – 2010. During this time, they have expanded their approach and readings on the artist in order to reach an intuitive understanding of his work. The night of the “course” the result will be presented “raw” in close proximity to the exhibition. The “Trace tables” will give the public the opportunity to go through the documents used for the creation of the event.

The “modest course” is a meeting point (between researchers, amateurs and public) intending to dig deeper into the intersection between curiosity and knowledge.

De course is free but the subscription in advance is compulsory: groups@bozar.be