Mixing professional and amateur artists can work! As is shown by the success of the Canvascollectie since its launch in 2008, a success that continued with its development, thanks to a partnership between the Flemish and French-speaking visual-arts worlds, into the Canvascollectie/Collection RTBF in 2010. Thanks to the publicity generated by the two television stations, that edition saw no fewer than 8,000 artists enter the lists. Following a drastic selection process, 200 were allowed to exhibit at the Centre for Fine Arts, where their work was appreciated by some 20,000 inquisitive visitors. Canvas and the RTBF have now decided to repeat the experience, with the involvement this time of the IKOB, the centre for contemporary art of Belgian’s German-speaking Community, which will join the project’s existing partners. And, of course, with the collaboration of the Centre for Fine Arts, whose walls will be available once again. Get creating!