BOZAR presents, in collaboration with Tour & Taxis, the 9th edition of the Bamako Encounters, with the entire panafrican selection of 281 photographs and 10 videos. On the theme For a sustainable world, this exhibit presents landscapes of the environmental situation on the African continent, with the artists’ poetic gaze revealing a re-enchantment of the world that is necessary for all of us to seek again. A fitting counterpart to BOZAR’s European photography exhibit Sense of Place, the Rencontres highlight the interconnectedness of landscapes in our global world. With an equally diverse regional view of landscapes, this exhibit provocatively reveals some ‘negatives’ of European landscapes, and environmental phenomena of magnitudes uncommon in Europe. Two significant monographic series of the Bamako Encounters are presented at the Royal Museum for Central Africa. BOZAR is proud to support an African initiative that has come to play a major role in the cultural life of Mali and Africa in the last 17 years, contributing towards the establishment of an international image of African photography, and the development of an art market in Africa.

Curators: Laura Sérani and Michket Krifa

Bamako Encounters: Kiripi Katembo & Abdoulaye Barry
Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika | Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale Tervuren
Admission free with a ticket of the permanent collection