In the spring of 2013 the Centre will host an eagerly awaited exhibition devoted to the rococo genius Antoine Watteau. An ideal opportunity to ask its associate curator, the conductor William Christie, to come up with a musical counterpoint.

A painter of the tangible, father of the fête galante, and a veritable shooting star of the Parisian artistic firmament in the early years of the 18th century, Watteau was the leading light of a new generation of artists and the first to combine music, dance, and theatre in his works. Under the guidance of William Christie, associate curator of the exhibition and artist in residence at the Centre this season, we will restore the musicality of Watteau's paintings! Titles such as La Leçon de musique, Le Concert amoureux, and L'Accord parfait show the importance of music in the painter's oeuvre as a perfect metaphor for amorous feeling. From the opening concert in January, under William Christie himself, to the climax of the series in May, with Rolf Lislevand on the guitar, these eight concerts will offer a festival of reverie, sensuality, and mystery. An exceptional undertaking of a kind only the Centre for Fine Arts can offer, in which music, dance, and the visual arts are subtly interwoven.

If you keep your ticket for one of the Watteau events, you can benefit from reductions in the price of the Watteau events. INFO COMBI