The BOZAR ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL is dead and buried; long live the BOZAR ELECTRONIC ARTS FESTIVAL! The change of name reflects a change of direction. What began four years ago as a festival of electronic music has now become a forum for all the electronic arts. There will still be plenty of music, but there will also be visual art, film, photography, and new forms at the intersection of artistic expression and technological innovation. There will be a concert featuring Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason with Sinfonietta Cracovia as they join forces to interpret the film Sólaris, while the avant-garde voice artist Maja Ratkje will be present with a light installation; the festival line-up also includes the performance duo Hype Williams, films and sound from the collaboration between Demdike Stare, Andy Votel, and electronica pioneer Bruno Spoerri, and innovative dance-floor work from, among others, the producers Gold Panda, Andy Stott, Peter Van Hoesen, and Nguzunguzu. The installations on show will include new audio-visual work by Ryoichi Kurokawa in the Horta Hall. There will also be a special space for new projects, a bar, and workshops. In short: electronics for everyone!

Line up:
BEN FROST & DANIEL BJARNASON - KRAKOW SINFONIETTA, SILVER APPLES, THE HAXAN CLOAK, FOREST SWORDS, ROBIN FOX, OLIVIA BLOCK, LUIS RECODER, SANDRA GIBSON, GOLD PANDA, HYPE WILLIAMS, NGUZUNGUZU, HOWSE, TIME WHARP, SLANT AZYMUTH, YANNICK FRANCK, MS30, MAJA RATKJE + HC GILJE, THE FIELD live trio, ANDY STOTT, RAIME, SENDAI Live (Yves de Mey + Peter Van Hoesen), GEOFFROY MUGWUMP, PRINCE OFF, PETER VAN HOESEN, CEDRIC STEVENS, VLEK Records & Herrmutt Lobby present Beatsurfing, the Organic MIDI Controller Builder, La Mediatheque presents "BEAT BANG", Mécaniques Discursives - Yannick Jacquet (AntiVJ) & Fred Penelle, Eyjafjallajokull - Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), rheo: 5 horizons - Ryoichi Kurokawa...