Michael Robinson (b.1981) is a film and video artist whose work explores the joys and the dangers of mediated experience. His collage films point to the mechanisms of mediation and manufactured sentiment while at the same time unlocking the power popular images exercise over us. In These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us for instance he combines footage of Elizabeth Taylor’s 1963 Hollywood epic Cleopatra with images of Michael Jackson’s mid-1990s Egyptomania. The result is funny but not ironic, sincere but not naïve, heartfelt but not sentimental. Robinson’s films have screened in both solo and group shows at a variety of festivals, museums, and cinematheques all over the world. He was listed as one of the top ten avant-garde filmmakers of the 2000s by Film Comment magazine.


And We All Shine On (7min, 2006, 16mm)
These Hammers Don't Hurt Us  (13min, 2010, dv)
The General Returns (11min, 2006, dv)
All Through the Night  (4.5min, 2008, dv)
Light Is Waiting (11min, 2007, dv)
Line Describing Your Mom (6min, 2011, dv)
You Don't Bring Me Flowers  (8min, 2005, 16mm)
Victory Over the Sun (12.5min, 2007, 16mm)