Nearly thirty years after the last Antoine Watteau retrospective, BOZAR, in collaboration with the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, is organizing an exhibition of this great early eighteenth century French painter. This will be a unique opportunity to rediscover this master along with some of his contemporaries through a hundred or so works, including paintings, drawings, prints and musical instruments. Thanks to the exceptional curatorship of conductor and musician William Christie, and to contemporary artist Michaël Borremans, the exhibition will highlight the multiple and often timeless facets of Watteau’s oeuvre. It will try to convey the echoes between painting and music. More than a monographic exhibition or a musical staging of his work, the Watteau exhibition aims to draw attention to the links connecting the various arts. There is music in Watteau and his contemporaries!

The Belgian contemporary artist Dirk Braeckman makes an intervention in the exhibition with new photographic works inspired by Watteau.

Visit the exhibition Antoine Watteau. The Music Lesson on Thursday evenings for a unique experience. From 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. you can enjoy a live concert performance in the exhibition hall. Young talented musicians from various European conservatories will weave a musical atmosphere which will transport visitors to Watteau’s era. These evening openings, which combine the master’s paintings with music scores and instruments in an enchanting setting, are a delight for your eyes and ears. More info

General curator: William Christie
Scientific curator: Florence Raymond
Artistic Advisor: Michaël Borremans
Guest Artist: Dirk Braeckman

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"A feast for (two of) the senses" - the Art Newspaper