The exhibition of work by the German artist Neo Rauch can be seen over one last evening. Still need convincing? The public, too - you, in other words - will have a chance to say its piece about Rauch's works. RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique and the arts mediator Julie Rodeyns (I am Julie) will join forces with the guides to make the evening a truly special experience. They have immersed themselves in the exhibition over a number of months and are now ready to unleash their findings on you - and look forward to a dialogue on them. Neo Rauch's work, after all, can benefit from some explanation. Rauch creates bridges between art history and the great social questions of our time and his oeuvre can be explored from different angles. Join in the discussion of his art: who knows, you may have more to say than you realised. Let's confront different opinions with each other!

Each of five interventions in the exhibition will open different doorways to Neo Rauch's art.
• A philosophical discussion of Neo Rauch's work.
• Descriptive sketches in the style of Rémy Zaugg.
• How do you learn to fathom a painting? How can you find your way, and how can you lose yourself in it?
• "Public, tell me." A workshop inspired by reading Nancy Huston's The Tale-Tellers: A Short Study of Humankind. Participants will work together on a story based on one of Neo Rauch's works.
• Who is good, who is bad? Who is the culprit, and who the victim? Rauch's work teems with friend-enemy scenarios. Which side are you, the visitor, on?
• Together, the public and the guides go looking for "the story behind a work". During a two-hour-long intervention, the conclusion turns out to be: one never arrives at a definitive story.
RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique: interventions by Sébastien Marandon, Axel Pleeck, and Anaïs Rotsaert.
I am Julie: Julie Rodeyns
Guides: Bram Borloo, Hanne Keppens, Anne Laloyaux, Pascale Vanden Storme, and Ilse Wijnen