True to its European mission, the Centre for Fine Arts, is hosting Changing States: Contemporary Irish Art & Francis Bacon’s Studio. The contemporary exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore the concerns and innovations of a generation of artists who have made significant contributions to art practice since 2000. The exhibition underscores the vitality of the visual arts in Ireland bringing together a group of Irish artists who illuminate the interrelationship between local experiences and global perspectives. Changing States also includes a fascinating exhibition of material from Francis Bacon’s Studio. Born in Ireland Francis Bacon witnessed firsthand the tumultuous political changes of the 20th century. These violent experiences informed his sensibility and his paintings. His studio items from which he drew his inspiration reveal an intriguing mindset and create an original portrait of the artist. Photographs of friends and lovers, medical books, wildlife and sport are jumbled together with classical references and artists monographs as well as unfinished paintings. BOZAR has chosen to pay tribute to the genius of this artist as well as to the talents of a subsequent generation of Irish artists.

Curators: Margarita Cappock, Barbara Dawson, Michael Dempsey, Christina Kennedy
In collaboration with: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Support: Culture Ireland as part of the International Culture Programme to celebrate Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European