Language gives shape to our structured world, but in fact every sentence is a new improvisation. For Mountain, Orla Barry set to work with 57 words, an actor, a performer and a musician to make a performance that is different every time it is played. Luck, chance and a little witchcraft play equal roles in this work. The language objects on the stage not only make up the set, but also provide the foundations for the script. By playing with poetry, song, monologue, speech and suchlike, unexpected links between words, meaning and performance emerge. 

Mountain can also be seen in the form of an installation at Bozar until 5 May. It is part of the exhibition entitled Changing States: Contemporary Irish Art & Francis Bacon’s Studio, as part of Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union (28/02>5/05).

Interview with Orla Barry on Klara.

Concept & Text: Orla Barry
Production: STUK, (Playground Festival) Leuven
Production management: Ilse Van Essche
Committee: CAC Brétigny, If I Can 't Dance Amsterdam, STUK (Playground Festival) Leuven, Tate Modern London, co-funded by the European Union.

Also at Performatik, the performance art biennale in Brussels:
Philipp Gehmacher  solo with Jack - 27+28/02 @ Kaaistudio’s
In this dance performance the Austrian choreographer and dancer Philipp Gehmacher starts out from his own, ‘stuttering’, movement idiom as a way of examining the strengths and weaknesses of language together with the performer Jack Hauser. The utopian notion of language as an instrument for social cohesion versus the autonomy of language in the practice of art. What does language do to us, and what do we share when we speak the same language?