Luc Tuymans & Joost Zwagerman
Talking about Giorgio Morandi

Two big names share a love for Giorgio Morandi. Tuymans as a painter, Zwagerman as a writer. Both have written attractive contributions on the Italian painter for the Bozar exhibition catalogue. Various works by Van Tuymans are also included in the Morandi exhibition.
During an exclusive evening at Bozar they exchange ideas about art and Morandi.

“I tend to speculate on the silence of the world before Morandi, with this difference that I am not so much curious about the world as about the nature of that silence.
A silence must have preceded Morandi’s choreography of vases, jars and jugs. But what did that silence look like? Who and what offered us those vanishing points at a time when his vases, jugs and jars had found their destined place on his canvases - when their destination was not yet known to us or to the things themselves?”

Fragment from ‘Giorgio Morandi’s disappearing act’, the contribution by Joost Zwagerman in the catalogue ‘Giorgio Morandi. A retrospective view’.

About the speakers:
Luc Tuymans is considered one of the most significant European painters of his generation and has had an enduring influence on younger and emerging artists. Born and raised in Antwerp, where he lives and works, Tuymans is an heir to the vast tradition of Northern European painting. At the same time, as a child of the 1950s, his relationship to the medium is understandably influenced by photography, television, and cinema. In the Morandi retrospective Tuymans presents a number of works that enter into a dialogue with those of the Italian painter.

Joost Zwagerman is one of the Netherlands’s best-known contemporary writers, making his name with best-sellers like Gimmick! (1989) and Vals Licht (Artificial light) (1991). Along with novels he also writes poetry and essays. His favourite subjects include literature and pop music, but also the visual arts, as in his latest book Kennis is geluk. Nieuwe omzwervingen in de kunst (Knowledge is happiness, new wanderings in art) (2012). Zwagerman is a regular guest on the popular Dutch TV programme DWDD, in which he talks on art..