Comedy-ballet in five acts, in prose, by Molière, represented for the first time October 14, 1670, before the court of Louis XIV, (the chateau of Chambord).This piece embodies the kind of comedy-ballet to perfection. It met the taste of the time for what was called the turqueries.

Synopsis of the play

We are in 1670 in the household of Monsieur Jourdain, a bourgeois of Paris. Mr. Jordan is a rich citizen whose obsession is to belong to the nobility. It strives to achieve to acquire the manners and culture needed by multiplying the lessons (music, dance, fencing, philosophy) that are each parodic scenes. Although married, he covets a marquise who plays him with the help of her lover, Count Dorante. Jordan's daughter, Lucile, like Cléonte but the father opposes the marriage because he is not noble. As young people go to a stratagem to obtain his agreement, using his taste for honors ...

The ATIE invites you to spend a nice evening or a sunny afternoon listening or listening again to this beautiful classic comedy still juicy in taste and humor, despite his five centuries old.

Rita Sallustio, director