1994: Rwanda, a planned genocide is taking place.
Between April and July more than one million people are exterminated in worldwide indifference.
2014: 20 years later, the visual artist Bruce Clarke and the Collective for Upright Men pays homage to one person multiplied by a million; giving form to men, women and children standing upright. These silhouettes will give presence to the dead, will remind us of each and everyone’s individuality, will restore dignity to the lost ones.
In 2014, to combat amnesia, Upright Men will be created or projected on places where massacres took place in Rwanda in collaboration with survivors’ associations and the CNLG*, but also in different cities around the world (Lausanne, Luxemburg, Geneva, Bègles, Paris, Liège, Mons, Brussels).
The dramatic art collective, Groupov (Liège, Belgium), and Ibuka (Belgium, Switzerland, and France) are associated with Bruce Clarke’s project in its endeavour to offer symbolic reparation to the dead for the use of the living.
More information:www.uprightmen.org
*CNLG: Commission Nationale de Lutte Contre le Génocide / National Commission For the Fight Against Genocide