Rob Rombout

Rob Rombout director – Rogier van Eck director

Rob Rombout

Rob Rombout director

Rob Rombout

14:00>17:00 Masterclass with Rogier Van Eck & Rob Rombout @CINEMATEK

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South: Amsterdam Virginia, Amsterdam Georgia, Amsterdam Mississippi, Amsterdam Texas
On the road, random events, stories. A meeting with Adrian Cronauer, the original host of Good Morning Vietnam. Which reality is concealed by a golf course and a cemetery? Nicki: a Christmas tale. The South, America in black and white. Sheriff Wiley and his prison. Something about a BBQ. Selma, Alabama. Segregation and the struggle for civil rights. The song of Vivacious Val McKnight: Hoo Doo Woman. The Louisiana Bayou. Russell Banks on the Sixties. Texas: an isolated lake community and the smallest boat in America. 

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Midwest: New Amsterdam Indiana, New Amsterdam Wisconsin, Amsterdam Iowa, Amsterdam Missouri
An elusive America. A ghost town and its only inhabitant. Cincinnati, an encounter with Sven Amsterdam, performer-artist. Two Dutchmen who speak French try their hand at Dutch. Pauline, a revolted poet. Wisconsin: a portrait of middle-class America. Tim, the environmentalist of the Midwest. The life of a peregrine falcon. A sports car driven by a former Republican who became a Democrat. In the middle of nowhere. Space. Once upon a time there was a hitchhiker: a strange tale unfolds on the road. Halloween USA. Missouri: Steven, a solitary hunter and taxidermist.