Michaël Borremans made his international breakthrough in the late 1990s with a varied body of work (including drawings, paintings, and films) that laid bare the deceptive nature of representation and the absurdity of existence in a suggestive, ironic way. Borremans has been known to make personal references to historic paintings by, among others, Velázquez, Goya, and Manet and also frequently alludes to literature, photography, and film. His focus on the power of the imagination makes his subversive visual idiom especially engaging. This exhibition, containing a hundred works from the last 20 years, allows you to get to know a fascinating artist and offers an overview of his work. It will move later to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Curator: Dr. Jeffrey Grove

At the occasion of the exhibition CINEMATEK interrogated the multi-faceted artist about his interest in film and asked him to select 15 of his favorite titles. The films will be projected in the course of March and April 2014. Click here to view more details about exact dates and hours.