Thank you for taking part in our Family Day ! Click here and enter the password given on your pink card. You’ll have access to all the photos of this wonderful day.

If you don’t want this pictures to be used for our external communication, please send an email to bozar.studios01@bozar.be with your pictures in attachment.

We look forward to seeing you in our next family day on Sunday the 16th of November 2014 !

The Belgian painter Michaël Borremans is the focus of our Family Day. You and your children will have a chance to discover his absurd, evocative world in a hundred works produced over the last 14 years. During your visit, guides will be on hand in the exhibition rooms to provide extra information and explanations. After that, it's over to you, in a number of playful workshops!

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All the activities are pop-in, pop-out. There is no need to register for them: your pass gives you access, for as long as you want and as the programme allows!

Exhibition Michaël Borremans. As sweet as it gets
10 am > 6 pm (non-stop)

Discovery workshops (6+)
10 am > 1 pm & 2 pm > 5 pm
A series of fun activities, at intervals throughout the exhibition, familiarise children and their parents with the world of Michaël Borremans.

I am… (3+)
10 am > 5 pm
Pose with your family or your friends in our photographic studios. Dress up in the costumes provided and blend into the painter's world.

The best part of me (5+)
10 am > 5 pm
An eye, an ear, a toe… Draw your favourite part of your own body and put it on show for posterity!

The poetry machine (5+)
10 am > 5 pm
Turn on our crazy machine and words will come out of it…and you can use them to create your own poetic self-portrait!

The graffiti wall (3+)
10 am > 5 pm
An exclamation, a word, a poem… Write the story of your life.

Photo booth (3+)
10 am > 5 pm
A moustache, big eyes, a hat… In our photo booth, you can be someone else! The photographs are printed immediately and you can take them home with you!

Music in Action: Choirs and orchestras at school
3 pm > 4 pm
Closing concert with the National Orchestra of Belgium, a veritable journey to the heart of dance, as performed by budding musicians.