Creative interventions await visitors to the exhibition

Something strange is going to happen on 22 May in the Michaël Borremans: As Sweet As It Gets exhibition. The intangible world of the paintings will become tangible. Voices will engage in a dialogue and guide you on your way through the exhibition. Where do they come from? Music will ring out. Poetry too. You will wander among the works as if you were blind. Will you be swept along or not? That's up to you, in the course of a physical experience in which time and space become palpable.

In cooperation with RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique (Sébastien Marandon, Marie Pierrard, Axel Pleeck, and Sophie Saporosi) and I am Julie (Julie Rodeyns) & Caroline Petrick.

In I am Julie (Interdisciplinary Art Mediation by Julie), Julie Rodeyns develops experiences and settings that encourage people to interact with art and with each other. She combines communication techniques with elements of play and artistic approaches. Julie is also a curator and an art critic.

Caroline Petrick has 25 years of experience in the performing arts. She works as an actress, stage director, drama teacher, and transformative trainer in the performing arts. Her work has attracted international attention. Relational aesthetics are at the core of her artistic research.

RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique is a group of teachers and researchers that operates on the boundaries of education and art. The members are keen to present their research to others.