The tabla virtuoso Sandeep Das started to play music from a very young age. He was only sixteen when he was asked to accompany Ravi Shankar, the first in a series of leading Indian musicians with whom he would go on to collaborate. But Sandeep Das also takes a keen interest in culture and education, which is why he founded the HUM ensemble (Harmony and Universality through Music) in 2009. The ensemble unites some of the world’s leading around a specific goal: promoting understanding among people through music (education). Sandeep Das’s commitment is underscored by his collaboration with Fanfakids, a merry band of percussionists. This group of young people from Molenbeek (Brussels) love performing their raï rhythms as well as maracatu and hip hop. This is the urban musical mix with which they grew up, in their youth centre called Centrum West. This is not their first performance. You may have already seen them at work during the Zinnekeparade and the Bêt Noir project by Ultima Vez.