Nathaniel Dorsky (USA, 1943) is a poet of the analogue medium. He has been walking around for decades with his 16 mm camera and is recognized as a master of colour and grain, in the tradition of Stan Brakhage and Gregory Markopoulos. The sheer beauty of his images reveal the sensuality of the material world, or as he describes in his book Devotional Cinema: “We suddenly see a hidden world, one that has existed all along right in front of us. In a flash, the uncanny presence of the poetic and vibrant world, ripe with mystery, stands before us.” His images seem no longer to belong to our digital age. This is a gem to discover on 16mm. In order to prevent all distraction from being in the moment of seeing, his films are screened in silence and at the speed of 18 frames/second, the ‘sacred speed’, the speed of silent cinema.
Dorsky’s films will be presented alternately with the music of Octurn. For more than 20 years, this Belgian contemporary jazz ensemble has been defying categorization, with a very personal approach to composition and group improvisation, based on interlocking and interdependent forms, indeterminacy and impermanence, opening vast spaces for sonic meditations.

Fabian Fiorini: piano.
Dré Pallemaerts: drums.
Jozef Dumoulin: fender Rhodes.
Bo Van der werf: baritone sax.