Following China and Brazil, it is now India’s turn to be the focus of the
Europalia festival. The theme will be "Encounters", drawing attention
to the wealth of the (multi)cultural heritage of a subcontinent at the
crossroads of civilisations.
Within the framework of europalia.india, BOZAR MUSIC’s programming
has two main lines of approach. The first, like the Indomania exhibition,
highlights the encounters and exchanges between India and the West. A
number of musicians embody this phenomenon. They include La Monte
Young, a leading light of the minimalist movement who has been influenced
by Indian music, and John McLaughlin, in whose new project, Remember
Shakti, different musical worlds meet. The second thread running through
the season, the multiple nature of Indian culture, finds its best possible
representative in the Ramayana. After travelling to every corner of Asia, this
Hindu epic found itself transposed into different cultures, giving rise to key
national cultural achievements. Such as the Indonesian kecak, to name but
one, a form of theatre that will be brought to the Centre during the festival.
A unique experience!