World music, jazz, and electronic music will feature throughout BOZAR MUSIC’s season. A variety of formulas - including festivals, concerts, and special evenings - will allow you to discover and enjoy musical gems both local and international.
Conscious of today’s multi-cultural reality and of the need to preserve cultural heritages, BOZAR aims to make the Centre a place where everyone can reconnect with their roots. Among an array of artists outstanding in their particular fields, Brad Mehldau returns for a rare solo concert. The celebrated lutenist Omar Bashir will pay a tribute to his father, Munir Bashir, an iconic figure of Iraqi music. The great flamenco dancer Eva Yerbabuena returns to Brussels again, while the young fado singer Carminho promises to be one of the discoveries of the season. There will also be a series of special concerts, including one to mark the 21st anniversary of Trio Grande - and a variety of fascinating festivals.