Enchanting Taoist performances! 58 performers from different Chinese Taoist temples will bring the cultural richness of the traditions of the Complete Perfection (Quanzhen) and Orthodox Oneness (Zhengyi), two of the most important movements in contemporary Taoism, to BOZAR. The priests of the White Cloud Temple in Beijing and the Changchun Temple, together with priestesses of Qianyuan Temple, will show how they conduct the morning and evening rituals. On stage they will also perform fragments of sacred Taoist rituals, which combine traditional music, hymns and ceremonial dance. The melodious music and dance allow us to experience the harmonious relationship that prevails within the Taoist philosophy of opposites: Yin and Yang, stillness and movement, aggression and friendliness.

The priests of the famous Wudang Mountains in Hubei Province will demonstrate traditional and orthodox Tai Chi Martial Arts, as well as Wudang sword and Taoist health techniques. An intriguing performance and a wonderful opportunity to discover traditional Chinese martial arts. Last but not least, the priests of the Zhengyi tradition from Jiangnan region in China will perform traditional Taoist compositions with more than twenty different percussion and wind instruments.