The Centre for Fine Arts makes no secret of its ambition to spur you to come and visit our institution (and soon). Thanks to our wide array of educational and complementary activities, we are able to stimulate the interest of veteran music-lovers while also tempting the uninitiated, winning them over with a wide range of musical events and offering intense and at times surprising experiences. Are you a reserved epicurean who is, nonetheless, always keen to know more? Or the kind of person who takes an occasional surreptitious glance at what we have to offer outside of your own favourite musical genre? Or someone who would like to take an active, creative part with all the family in one of our musical activities? No matter. The result is the same. Here, your ears will always want more.

Many of our classical, jazz, and world music concerts are preceded by introductions - veritable paths into the world of music via anecdotes and explanations, under the guidance of specialists. And don’t forget to check out our master classes and our Meet the Artist series, which offer lively encounters with your favourite musicians. Moreover, we publish tailor-made programme booklets for concerts, describing exactly what is lined up and providing information on the history of the works and biographies of the musicians, as well as the texts in the original language of works that are sung.

Children, too, will find something to suit them: the BIG BANG festival, acclaimed as Event of the Year in 2012, will take over the Centre for the fourth year in a row, offering concerts and a whole variety of activities, while Sa-me-dis la Musique (in French) and Zaterdag Muziekdag (in Dutch) - three of each - invite children to enjoy musical story-telling. And then there is our brand new series of educational concerts, in which the whole family is involved. And there are also our Sunday morning get-togethers at 11 am, which welcome children with open arms: they take part in workshops that introduce them to music while their parents attend a concert.

We offer schools and academies a variety of fun, highly participatory events. Educational concerts, for example, which introduce young people to the wonderful world of music and help them find their way around it; and our made-to measure formula, "Musique, c'est classe | Muziek met Klasse"; as well as the Orchestra and Choir at School project, organised in cooperation with the NOB and ReMuA, which aims to foster a vocation or at least a passion for music, starting with an understanding of how an orchestra works and offering a special connection with a particular musician and an opportunity to give a concert in the Henry Le Boeuf Hall.

The human voice is an instrument that is accessible to all, regardless of age, occupation, origins, or level of interest in music. It is a real tool of communication. Starting in September, in the context of Singing Brussels, a Choir@BOZAR - open to all - will meet regularly to enjoy singing together and - why not - even take part in a concert with recognised artists.