BOZAR, as a multidisciplinary platform for contemporary intercultural dialogue, is guided by a commitment to artistic excellence and social justice. BOZAR proactively works to engage with young and diverse audiences. Programmers across artistic disciplines and specialized collaborators work transversally along thematic lines, including Africa.
BOZAR’s AFROPOLITAN platform is for the ebullient creativity of young Afropolitan artists who bridge continents, cultures and influences, creating new artistic forms and discourses. It presents the best of contemporary artistic creations linked to Africa and its Diaspora in Europe and the world, to engage the mind, and open up perspectives to a new image of Africa and the next Narratives at play on the continent.
The goal is to:
 •  Highlight contemporary creativity of African and Diaspora artists;
 •  Include African voices in today’s global societal discussions;
 •  Dismantle programming divides.
BOZAR relies on partnerships with international, European, African, and local institutions, associations, and individual artists and activists.

Ongoing and forthcoming