BOZAR and the Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre have always taken a keen interest in captivating music from every point of the compass. In the second edition of Moussem Sounds, we once again present an idiosyncratic, contemporary mix of rock, electro, and Eastern music. Music brimful of crossover from the Maghreb, Europe, and the Middle East.

18:30 > 20:20 - Electro Chaabi of Hind Meddeb - @Studio
A documentary on electro chaabi, a new musical trend in Cairo's slums.
With the presence of Hind Meddeb.

20:30 > 21:30 - Oum - @Salle Henry Le Bœuf
The concert of Oum, the Soul of Morocco, whose music combines the culture of the desert with the infectious rhythms of black Africa and the wonderful poetry of the Amazigh.

21:45 > 22:45 - Souad Massi - @Salle Henry Le Bœuf
The singer and guitarist Souad Massi, the leading lady of a new generation of Algerian artists, who blends Western rock influences with irresistible flamenco and melancholy fado.

22:45 > 00:30 - Cairo Liberation Front
High-energy DJ set from the Cairo Liberation Front, a band whose electro chaabi contains a considerable dose of punk.

18:30 > 00:30 @Terarken
Sound art by the visual artists Younes Baba-Ali, Magdi Mostafa and Antone Israel, who subtly and often ironically raise questions about contemporary society.