Orban Space - Luc Deleu - T.O.P. Office | iMinds (Art & D) [BE]
The Belgian architect and urban planner Luc Deleu, who founded T.O.P. Office in 1970, raises questions about the role of architecture and urban design in a globalised society. The T.O.P Office team and researchers from the iMinds research centre are working together on the Orban Space project. This research and design project deals with public space at the scale of the planet. Its ultimate goal is to create scale-less models that propose a universal design for public space, from the local to the universal or global. The development of this model involves technologies ranging from data visualisation and mapping projection to tomography.

Strata - Quayola [UK]
Altarpieces by Rubens and Van Dyck may seem very distant from our own time. In his Strata #4 installation, however, the Italian contemporary artist Quayola achieves a harmonious dialogue between then and now. Using special software, he transforms symbols of universal beauty and perfection into triggers and instructions for the creation of new, contemporary art. He reduces the old works of art to their essence, to colours and geometric forms, removing their symbolism.

Tripwire - Jean-Michel Albert [FR] & Ashley Fure [USA]
A large-scale multimedia installation in which 24 motorised elastic strings are set in motion to create “synaesthetic” waves. These are caused by software that synchronises the revolutions of the engine with movement, sound, and light. Each vibration results in a sound and generates patterns of light. Tripwire gives physical matter a digital elegance. You can enjoy this delicate interplay of sound, light, and physical movement on a giant screen and you can also influence it by coming closer.

D.W.I (Different Ways To Infinity): Chaos & Clones - Félix Luque Sánchez [ES]
In these two installations, with their geometric and physical experiments, the Spanish artist Félix Luque Sanchés develops imaginary strategies for generating infinity. He focuses on the boundaries between scientific modelling and reality, between theory and perception. The installations play with the different meanings of infinity. In DWI: Chaos, we see physical and electronic phenomena; DWI: Clones is made up of identical centrifuges that use human behaviour to arrive at an equilibrium