Wolfgang Mitterer composer – Marc Ducret electric guitar – Jean-Luc Plouvier DX7 – Cédric Dambrain electronics – Tom De Cock micro-percussion – Michael Schmid flutes – Alex Fostier sound – Caspar Langhoff lighting desing


Romance sentimentale (France, 1930, 18')
Director: Sergueï Eisenstein

Always keen to explore new horizons and new contexts for music-making, the Ictus ensemble likes to host a wide variety of equally open-minded musicians. The surprising lucidity of Wolfgang Mitterer's synthesis of classical idioms and electronic textures appealed to Ictus as ideal material for experimentation and improvisation in a jam session in good company. To which they have added the French guitarist Marc Ducret's blend of jazz and rock and the synthetic world created by Belgium's Cédric Dambrain. New work will emerge spontaneously from these creative exchanges as you watch.