Secession OrchestraTana QuartetAnna-Maria HefeleDJ Raphaël Marionneau BOHO Players

This festival with a difference, in which boundaries between genres and disciplines are blurred, has plenty to offer both lovers of classical music and clubbers. BOZAR opens its season with an evening of live events – in every corner of the Centre for Fine Arts – that refuse to be confined by pigeonholes and straitjackets. Experiments with electronic and classical music, installations, and video works flow seamlessly into each other. The mood will build towards a climax provided by Zukunft's electro, which will raise the roof of the Centre until the wee small hours. As the 150th season gets under way, BOZAR both cherishes the memory of its predecessors and keeps on innovating. Art is an open laboratory, so it is only natural that the Bozar Music Opening Night should be all about accessibility and diversity.