Hans Graf director – Aleksey Semenenko violin


The rock, op. 7 Sergei Rachmaninoff
Violin Concerto, op. 35 Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Symphony no. 2, op. 73 Johannes Brahms

During this concert all eyes are once again on a laureate from this year’s Queen Elisabeth Competition. For the Brussels audience it is at the same time a welcome reunion with someone who has proven that they are not just a talented violinist, but also able to cope with competition stress and stage fright at the highest level. May it be the beginning of a richly filled musical career! Then follows Johannes Brahms’ Second Symphony; the First was the result of fifteen years of toil, but it also proved to be a deliverance because the Second followed barely a year later. The result is an excellent example of Brahms’ feeling for harmony and rhythm, all of which is enhanced by an ingenious orchestration.