This ode to human imagination takes the form of an indictment of a hierarchical education system oriented towards competition and quantifiable results. An essayistic documentary, it takes as its starting point the theories of the educational expert Sir Ken Robinson: as he sees it, we possess the extraordinary power of the imagination, but we systematically destroy this talent in our children and in ourselves. From China to France, the film draws attention to the same symptoms.
Erwin Wagenhofer is a director who tackles major issues of our time in original and radical ways. After making films about food (We Feed the World, 2005) and money (Let's Make Money, 2008), in Alphabet he asks how we came to find ourselves in today's crises. Why are we unhappy despite having everything? Is the organisation and quality of our education a part of the problem?

Followed by the debate : Success : fruit of happiness or of performance?
(Language: French)

With: Nico Hirtt (teacher, founder of Call for a democratic school and author of several books on the subject), Laurent Fourny (teacher in high school  and senior fellow Itinera institute) and Diane Hennebert (Director of Boghossian Foundation and in charge of the pedagogical project "Out of the Box"). 

Moderator: Lionelle Francart (RTBF - animator of O-Positif).