This edition of BOZAR NIGHT introduces a versatile yet coherent panel of artists sharing a common love for both experiments and the wish to communicate with the audience. Holly Herndon is one of the new strong female personalities in electronic music and the figurehead of our programme. Portraits and faces are the theme of this BOZAR NIGHT. In the various spaces of BOZAR, faces are present through visual arts, interactive performances and electronic music. Come and enjoy…

Line up

22:00 - RP GM KRC
23:00 - TCF
00:00 - Holly Herndon
01:00 - Shit & Shine
02:00 - SOPHIE

22:30 - Nika Machaidze & Natalie Beridze
00:00 - Lowcommitee
01:30 - Mittland och Leo

Hall Horta
NTAA - New Technological Art Award 2014
Installation 5 Robots Named Paul by Patrick Tresset

FACES THEN. Renaissance Portraits from the Low Countries*
FACES NOW. European Portrait Photography since 1990*
THE SULTAN'S WORLD. The Ottoman Orient in Renaissance Art*

*Guides will be present to answer your questions during these exhibitions between 20:00 > 22:00. The exhibitions are accessible till 00:30

Program changes may occur. We recommend that you take a look at our website now and then.