BOZAR is focusing on the other, with two major exhibitions which together offer a nuanced view of the western tradition of the art of portraiture and its link with ‘the identity’ through time. FACES THEN presents impressive detailed portraits of masters of the 16th century like Quentin Metsys; FACES NOW presents the contemporary work of renowned photographers such as Anton Corbijn and Stephan Vanfleteren. They ask questions about the individual’s place in an increasingly globalised world. Who am I? What do I look like? How do I want to appear in other people’s eyes? And does their image of me correspond to who I am in reality? What is real, what is fake? The students of the Haute École Francisco Ferrer looked into these themes. They invite you to question your identity. Create your own self-portrait, project it on the walls of the Horta Hall, or have your photo taken in a surprising pose. Be creative and above all... be metamorphosed!