The exhibition FACES THEN/FACES NOW is all about the portrait genre in the domain of visual arts. Portraits silently focus on us. What can they tell us? How do they address us? What can we learn from the context or atmosphere of a work, the attire, symbols or deep lines in a face?

What’s Happening? invites you to experience visual arts differently. We show you how to find out more about the portraits in the exhibition, in a way which stimulates all your senses. Intuition and experience, rather than knowledge and theory, play the starring role. Afterwards you won’t be able to look at, listen to, feel or smell…art in the same way again.

We have turned the exhibition area into a social space where priority is given to meetings. Encounters between the spectators and the people depicted. Between the visitors themselves and between the visitors and the portrait artists: the invisible presences. We have done this by incorporating playful interventions into the exhibition itself, because play is a relaxed context for informal encounters.

In cooperation with RED/Laboratoire Pédagogique (Sébastien Marandon, Marie Pierrard, Axel Pleeck, and Sophie Saporosi) and Match Box VZW (Julie Rodeyns & Wouter Bouchez).