20:00 - CONCERT

National Orchestra of BelgiumStefan Blunier conductor – Ozark Henry

19:00 - VIDEO + ENCOUNTER with Ozark Henry

The National Orchestra first worked with Ozark Henry in 2012. For the multi-talented Belgian singer (he is a producer and arranger as well as a solo artist) it was a childhood dream come true. Since then he has written the soundtrack to the Belgian film Le monde nous appartient by Stéphane Streker and brought out Stay Gold, his seventh studio album in a series that began in 1996 with I'm Seeking Something That Has Already Found Me. On this occasion, 14 of his songs are arranged by Arnould Massart, a (jazz) pianist who also worked with Maurane and other singers. Ozark Henry and the full orchestra will be off on a mini-tour, performing these works in three Belgian towns.