Ola Vasiljeva (LV/NL, 1981) presents a selection of videos from the Oceans Academy of Arts (OAOA), including works by John Hey, Felix Salut, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and herself. A recurring phantom character emerges throughout the labyrinths and riddles of the selected videos, creating a disorientating and maze-like trip. OAOA is an amorphous artist collective founded by Vasiljeva which functions as a vessel for ideas about art and ways of showing art works. Depending on each project, the participants are interchangeable as artists, collaborators, curators or viewers.

The Floating World (Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, USA, 2015, 18', video)
Erotes (Ola Vasiljeva, NL, 2011, 4'45'', video)
Aunt Aquatic (Ola Vasiljeva, NL, 2015, 3', video)
Rosy Figurism (John Hey, USA, 2014, 4', video)
Shut Up I'm Counting (Felix Salut, NL, 2014, 27', video)

The projection will be preceded by the presentation of a zine (artist edition) which has been published on the occasion of the exhibition “The Limp of A Letter” by Ola Vasiljeva.