Each year the Brussels art academy ERG - Ecole Supérieure des Arts - organizes an interdisciplinary event with conferences, encounters, master classes, performances, exhibitions and film screenings for its students. BOZAR CINEMA and CINEMATEK are glad to collaborate for the 2015 edition of the event.

What is, nowadays, mostly described as a shift in contemporary publishing, appears to be a symptom of a more general situation which has to do with economical, technical and artistic as much as with theoretical issues. The result is that the long-established issues and formats in the existing practice of publication - and more generally in our notions of publishing and transmitting ideas - graphically, artistically, in narrative or even philosophically and anthropologically - need to be redefined. For this seminar we have defined several lines of work all of which, at some point, could contribute to a new and modern concept of publishing, in which digital technology opens new doors, in which contemporary and historical artistic practice of writing, publishing and performing alters the role and identity of the actors, in which the idea of a book or a film as the ritualized carrier of contents could, perhaps, be reconsidered and put into a new perspective, and in which exchange and the creation of small as well as large communities may find specific orientations.