In the middle of a library you encounter a cabinet of curiosities. With this dreamy installation the French-Algerian artist Kader Attia (b. 1970) searches for the significance of anthropology, politics and science. He uses the story of Jacob’s Ladder, the staircase to heaven in the dream of the patriarch Jacob, to do this. This installation is the latest chapter in Attia’s research into the concept of “repair”, the underlying principle of development and evolution in culture and nature.

Kader Attia in Antwerp’s Middelheimmuseum

You can also discover Attia’s work in the Middelheim Open Air Museum in Antwerp. He elaborates on the theme of ‘repair’ with thirteen new wooden sculptures thus demonstrating how the meaning of objects and materials develops and grows together historically. This group of sculptures shows how cultural exchange often takes place during colonial domination or in conflict zones. In the open air the work is confronted with a reinterpretation of the monumental Al Aqsa installation with more than 350 cymbals.

Further information: http://www.middelheimmuseum.be/man.net