For centuries Istanbul has exercised a magical power of attraction on photographers, filmmakers, writers and musicians from home and abroad. In the exhibition Imagine Istanbul, alongside photos by the Turkish–Armenian Magnum photographer Ara Güler -the ‘Eye of Istanbul’- you can also see works by Henri Cartier-Bresson and the Turkish-Dutch ‘Photographer of the Fatherlands’ Ahmet Polat. Europalia sent the Belgian Magnum photographer Bieke Depoorter to Istanbul. She returned with powerful images of the legendary city on the Bosporus. The exhibition itself is laid out in the form of a photographic circuit, with new compositions by the French musician Débruit, films, interviews with, amongst others, Orhan Pamuk and installations by contemporary artists such as Ayşe Erkmen, Sophie Calle and Kasper Bosmans.

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Curator: R. Paul McMillen.

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