Your origins and family history follow you wherever you go, as artist Mekhitar Garabedian knows only too well. He lived in Syria and Lebanon before moving to Belgium as a child. He lives and works in Ghent. His family fled the Armenian genocide 100 years ago. Garabedian’s family history and migrant origins inspire him in his work. He uses them as a starting point to explore how identity develops in a society which has been and still is increasingly shaped by migration. With sound, neon, photography, text, video and in publications the artist shows us that identity is always in a state of flux. He likes to quote the French poet Arthur Rimbaud: “Je est un autre.” – “I is someone else”, an expression that applies to everyone and particularly to the migrant. Mekhitar Garabedian is a researcher and guest professor on the Installation and Media Art programme at the KASK/School of Arts Ghent.

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10.09.2015 - 18:00: book launch Mekhitar Garabedian, in the presence of the artist and writers Liene Aerts and Pieter Van Bogaert.