Musicians of the National Orchestra of Belgium:Sophie Causanschi violin – Nathalie Lefin violin – Dmitri Ryabinin viola – Taras Zanchak cello – Robertino Mihai double-bass – Ivo Hadermann horn – Jan Van Duffel horn – Katrijn Deneir piano – Kris Belligh baritone – Astrid Stockman soprano – Jordi Domènech music – Père Riera text – Elisenda Carrasco i Ribot music director – Marta Gil set design, choreography

We invite you to the free closing concert of the international music project Cantania in the Henry Le Boeuf Hall at the Centre for Fine Arts. On Sunday 5 June 550 pupils from 20 Brussels primary schools will be singing ‘The sadness of Mime’ with music by the Spanish composer Jordi Domènech and words by Pere Riera. It tells the story of the journey Mimi made with Cupid to find the man of her dreams. They travel through time and space and encounter figures who talk about the role that Newton’s law of gravity, the discovery of tiramisu or WhatsApp play in the evolution of mankind. The professional musicians from the National Orchestra of Belgium provide the accompaniment and transform this closing concert into a feast for the eyes and ears. 

The following schools are participating:

Concert at 12.30 pm
GBS Everheide; École Clair-Vivre; CP Jules Anspach; GBS Dertien; École Magellan;
École de la Sainte-Famille; Sint-Lukas basisschool; Institut de l’Assomption;
École Parc Malou - Robert Maistriau; GBS Paloke; Agnes school

Concert at 5.30 pm:
GBS De Kriek; Institut Sainte-Marie Schaerbeek; École and Centre La Famille;
BSGO De Bron; École du bois de la Cambre; European School IV; BS Helmet; La Colombe de la Paix; Centre Pédagogique du Parc Astrid.