20h - 21h
Morton Feldman, Two Pianos (1957)
Morton Feldman, Vertical Thoughts 1 (1963)
György Ligeti, Three Pieces for Two Pianos: Monument, Selbstportrait, Bewegung (1976)
Tiziano Manca, Sui moti apparenti (2010-2014)
Mara Dobresco, piano
Julien Le Pape, piano

The richness of tone which is created by doubling an instrument, and particularly in a composition for two pianos, is the result of superimposing different tones or melodic lines, or of de-synchronizing the same tones on both instruments. In Morton Feldman’s two pieces, the performers are given great liberty to decide for themselves how long an individual tone is sustained, how it fades and how the two performers coordinate. If differentiation of intensities is the main focus of attention in Monument, the first of Ligeti’s three pieces, the composer develops the technique of the “blocked keys” in the second, Self-portrait with Reich and Riley (with Chopin in the background). The third piece, Bewegung, is built on rising and falling lines from which certain notes emerge as “residues” (remanence). The concert is concluded with the virtuoso composition by Tiziano Manca, which explores the way sounds are produced on the basis of the performers’ physiology.

Partner : Orpheus Instituut, Ghent

21h30 - 22h30
Chris Evans, Morton Norbye Halvorsen & Benjamin Seror, Concert
Concert will perform pieces from their latest LP Behave Like an Audience, which was released in 2013 by Sternberg Press. The album was composed by Concert, with words written by the artists Guy Ben-Ner, Mariana Castillo Deball, Dexter Sinister, Patricia Esquivias, Sharon Hayes, Hassan Khan and Michael Portnoy.