Ferdinand Bruckner text – Data Tavadze director – Nika Pasuri music – Tornike Gogrichiani actor – Keta Shatirishvili actress – Magda Lebanidze actress – Salome Maisashvili actress – Giorgi Sharvashidze actor – Paata Inauri actor – Maia Sakhltkhutsishvili actress – Kato Kalatozishvili actress – Natuka Kakhidzei actress

The young Georgian dramatist Data Tavadze gets to work with Krankheit der Jugend, a text from 1926 by the German-Austrian author Ferdinand Bruckner (1891- 1958). The play is set in a student house in Vienna in the interbellum period. You are caught up by the turbulent relationship between the seven inhabitants; six medical students and a maidservant. They represent different social classes and symbolise a society in decline and just like that society lack any direction or motivation. Pain is Youth is an uncomfortable portrait of a lost generation which lives without values and embraces everything which offers an escape from desperation or boredom. Their unrestrained passion and merciless brutality break hearts, minds and lives… For Tavadze the play is not just about the post-war period but also about recent Georgian post-Soviet history, and more universally, about every ‘lost generation’. 

Data Tavadze descends from a distinguished Georgian theatre family. Last season he came to BOZAR with his adaptation of Euripides’ Women of Troy (2013). In this production Tavadze deals with war from a women’s perspective. In Pain is Youth he once again takes a text from classical theatre to portray a period of crisis from a neglected point of view - this time that of a young person.

 Introduction by Julie Rodeyns (English) at 07.00 PM