Ahmed El Attar text, director – Boutros Boutros-Ghali actor – Mahmoud EL Hadad actor – Mohamed Hatem actor – Nanda Mohammad actress – Abdel Rahman Nasser actor – Sayed Ragab actor – Mona Soliman actress – Marwa Tharwat actress – Mona Farag actress – Ahmed Farag actor – Ramsi Lehner actor – Hassan Khan music – Camille Mauplot technical director

A prosperous Egyptian family gathers for a banquet at which an unremitting cacophony of lively but empty conversations is served up. The eleven members of the cast paint a merciless picture of the Egyptian elite as a class which is steeped in nihilism and apathy. The apparent opulence on stage is in sharp contrast to the characters’ inner void. This accentuates how far they are distanced from one another and what is going on outside. The Last Supper was written and directed by Ahmed El Attar. It is a razor-sharp social observation and a black comedy which ruthlessly ridicules the Egyptian elite.