Oskaras Korsunovas director, set design – Gintaras Sodeika composition – Nele Savicenko actress – Martynas Nedzinskas actor – Darius Meskauskas actor – Gelmine Glemzaite actress – Agneska Ravdo actress – Vytautas Anuzis actor – Kirilas Glusajevas actor – Airida Gintautaite actress – Rasa Samuolyte actress – Darius Gumauskas actor – Dainius Gavenonis actor – Kirilas Gulsajevas actor – Giedrius Savickas actor

The highly-esteemed Lithuanian director Oskaras Korsunovas brings us a searing interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s theatre classic The Seagull. The play is about theatre, art and artists. It is an identifiable drama that delves into the workings of the human soul. The relationship between mother and son is just as central as it was in Korsunovas’ interpretation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Arkadina and Trepljov each represent a vision of art. He is a young playwright who is overpowered by her belief in art, she is a famous actress who is somewhat set in her ways. The first performance of The Seagull was a turning point in the history of theatre because it brought together the innovative minds of Chekhov, director Konstantin Stanislavsky and actor Vsevolodod Meyerhold.  Korsunovas, with his extremely intense pioneering theatre, is conscious of this as he strives for a new dramatic reality.

For Korsunovas theatre is like a laboratory. The actors are the main ingredients and, with their unrivalled performances, are central in a lot of his productions. In many respects The Seagull continues to build on themes which he had already touched on in Hamlet. After Hamlet and Maxime Gorki’s Lower Depths this is the third part of a trilogy.


Introduction at 07.00 pm in English