There is a historic centre, café terraces, pigeons, passers-by, tourists, homeless people … It is a town in southern Europe, a town that is peculiar and universal, so far away and so close at one and the same time where a strange event is going to take place: a tiger escapes from the zoo. But a contemporary fable is hiding behind that alleged feline; a burlesque fable with political undertones. The fable is written by Gianina Cărbunariu (Romania) and staged by Sofia Jupither (Sweden).

With this text, the Romanian playwright pursues her theatrical and documentary work on subjects that are topical more than ever: social injustice, the defence of minorities, isolationist withdrawal … In Tigern, she tackles head on a subject that is particularly sensitive in Europe: discrimination towards those wandering populations regularly evicted from towns and cities, transferred to the suburbs and victims of racism and violence. The artist deals with the subject in a critical and committed way and offers an amusing and lively play. A bittersweet moment on the track of a hunted tiger.